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Performing Pre-Purchase Building Reports

About the flashings on the roof you know they help prevent ice damage our system is our primary means to prevent ice damming Pre-Purchase Building Reports so we're going to look do we have spotting on the sheathing do we have block do we have stains water stains things like that if our venting systems not adequate in the northern climates you know we'll get a lot of life standing going on.

So we want to be careful to make sure we look at all those things when we're up there it's also hard to see all that from the attic access so when you can go in safely pre-purchase building inspections it is much better to be in that attic so you can actually look at everything we're just wrapping up on the house so what I do is I do a final walkthrough one.

It is off you know because my dishwasher done expert witness inspections running while we're talking about the oven the gas oven it's supposed to be clean the service day just like a fireplace just like a furnace so I want to make sure you have that in your report you know we also have a venting issue here but we want to make sure you here we got a garage door right here I want to come because I was here I want to make sure that this is locked you may not have been the last person to walk out.

That door so we want to make sure that the house is secured when we go out the door you know your clients are going to go they're going to look at things building inspections newcastle they may open they may close Pre-Purchase Building Reports they may do some things you didn't do so you want to make sure you leave the house as you found it typically when I'm doing this walkthrough I'll double check my attic access my crawl space attic make sure my washer and dryer off make sure my furnace cover plates on all.

Those things just to make sure that when we walk through we walk expert witness inspections out we're done you don't get that phone call at the end of the night saying that somebody left in a part or something's damaged or you have a toilet leaking and now you have water damage you know so the last thing.

I do is I walk through the bathrooms make sure the showers off make sure the cents off make sure the toilets not running that way my peace of mind when I leave I'm good to go that looks good rock we're off rock we go home okay the last thing we do is secure the property make sure it's all locked up make sure you have your equipment.

You know don't forget a flashlight by the attic access things like that but thanks for having me out as such courts appear to be fine Pre-Purchase Building Reports a little bit of cracked glazing in this instance yeahreglazing of those details and necessary as part of general ongoing maintenance doors out to the front balcony glazed doors once again kneel glass annealed glass can break into shards can cause.

lacerations any replacement fences safety glass such as laminated ortougheneddoor Frames just bit of preparation prior to decoration the dilapidation inspections doors themselves paying working order hardware choice in these aged building sand may need some attention looking at the detail thermally. I'm checking all make sure all the doors are closed making sure things are on how I left them first thing I do is I look at the oven make sure.


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