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What To Expect From physiotherapist For The First Time

I enjoy working with athletes exercise physiologist and hearing their progress describe athletes describe their progress specifically athletes will reach their goals they'll find that motivational source they'll gain that self-confidence and listen to them describe those issues is really rewarding for me as a sport performance Psychologist I work with athletes on the mental game and its mental challenges.

It's confidence its motivation it's helping athletes where other coaches Physiotherapist or nutritionists or trainers don't sports psychology exists to help athletes and teams it's an extra resource and the mental game is oftentimes overlooked unfortunately yet it so important so it's adding that resource to the field for psychologists work in private practice or with teams for example an athletic department at a college Psychologist will hire full time sports psychologist or an organization professionally.

I'm in private practice Psychologists network with different professionals physiotherapist newcastle and gain referrals from coaches or athletic directors or parents and individuals come to my office some psychologists work directly with athletes and their focus is more practitioner more applied based in contrast there's researchers and that focus more of their work on journals and empirical studies are searcher publishes empirical studies.

They collect data and they collect all the findings Psychologists take those findings and apply it directly there are several misconceptions in the field of sports psychology people think that we overanalyze our clients or dig too deep when in fact Psychologists are talking about sport and really teaching mental skills as a sport performance consultant.

Physiotherapist do not clinically label my clients such as depression anorexia I work directly with the sport and teach mental skills insurance and clinical labels are noninvolved with my work one of the more difficult aspects of my work is actually listening to the clients and understanding what actually needs to be done and clients will come in and they'll describe their obstacles yet.

Psychologist have to listen in and my training helps physiotherapy newcastle me understand what interventions are what solutions need to be applied the most difficult issue to deal with is confidence that's a huge factor in sports regaining that self confidence that self satisfaction that self prides a big part of my work and it’s difficult to help athletes find that again it's doable but it's it’s definitely an issue that that I find allot in my work the most rewarding aspects of my work is hearing.

The clients describe their exercise physiology newcastle progress how they reach their goals for example a client talks about how Psychologist was looking forward to competition this week and he never would have said that or felt that last season so that that sense of eager and that sense of satisfaction that sense of pride and enjoyment and really is rewarding on-you that your symptoms will reduce.

But the first session can really stir some things up and if they exercise physiologist newcastle are painful emotions and you are worried about how you might cope after your first session bring it up with the psychologist say hey psychologists don't think I'm gonna cope really well when I get home today Queen talk about a couple of strategies of things.

That I can do when I get there more often than not your Physiotherapist should be more than happy to oblige and give you some handy tips to tide you over to the next visit so there are a few ideas about what to expect from seeing a psychologist for the first time now please remember that psychologists are people too and they are all different so some of the things that I've talked about today you might not encounter in your first session.


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