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Tips for buying a pink diamond

It is very important to buy a pink diamond in the light of day, a day of good weather and exposure to the north. It is in these conditions that the true pink diamond will appear. In the absence of these conditions, it will be preferable to use a lamp than a light next to daylight. In all right jewelry, you can find lamps that are equipped with unique lamps, called lamps in cold light, used for the selection of pink diamond s . It must systematically require a gemological certificate of pink diamond s whose weight is higher than 0.50 carat. An internationally renowned gemology laboratory must issue it with an excellent reputation.  A list of these laboratories can be found on our website: buying a pink diamond .  This gemological report includes all the main characteristics of the pink diamond , is a valid identity card of the pink diamond and cannot be confused with another. If you want to have more information about the reputation of a specific gemology laboratory,