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Tips for buying a pink diamond

It is very important to buy a pink diamond in the light of day, a day of good weather and exposure to the north. It is in these conditions that the true pink diamond will appear.

In the absence of these conditions, it will be preferable to use a lamp than a light next to daylight. In all right jewelry, you can find lamps that are equipped with unique lamps, called lamps in cold light, used for the selection of pink diamonds.

It must systematically require a gemological certificate of pink diamonds whose weight is higher than 0.50 carat. An internationally renowned gemology laboratory must issue it with an excellent reputation. 

A list of these laboratories can be found on our website: buying a pink diamondThis gemological report includes all the main characteristics of the pink diamond, is a valid identity card of the pink diamond and cannot be confused with another.

buying a pink diamond

If you want to have more information about the reputation of a specific gemology laboratory, about the certificate or if you have any doubt, contact several professionals to get their opinion.

The characteristics of the pink diamond should always be checked. Indeed, there may be reasonably significant price differences between two pink diamonds of equal weight but slightly different colours or parities.

Hence the importance of the certificate, the valid identity card of the
pink diamond. Thanks to him, you can honestly know what you buy. 

But, attention, a certificate is not a guarantee of quality because, in effect, a pink diamond can have a certificate but be of poor quality (bad purity, colours, proportions, polish, symmetry, fluorescence, etc ...) the importance of knowing how to "decipher" a certificate and of reading it carefully.

A small phrase in the certificate, Clarity enhanced or Color enhanced, should prompt you to react immediately. It is in the presence of a
pink diamond whose purity or colour has been artificially modified, and the price of such a pink diamond falls sharply (from 60 to 80%).

If you know the 4 C (weight, colour, purity, size ), you only have to know the price of this
pink diamond in the retail trade. For this you can access our section "price of the pink diamond" to compare the rate set in the jewelry and the price set on our page and, if you see a difference too large against you, it is up to you to see ...

It is not necessary to take into consideration only the 4 main criteria of the pink diamond (weight, colour, purity, size) at the moment of the purchase of a pink diamond. The proportions of the pink diamond, its fluorescence or its finish are other important criteria.

pink diamond of perfect purity and perfect colour, but which has a stable fluorescence or a proportion qualified as "Poor" will see its price reduced significantly:

  Choose a pink diamond "None" or "Slight" and avoid the "Strong" pink diamonds.
  Choose a pink diamond of "Very good" or "Good" proportions.
  Choose a finishing pink diamond «Very good» or «Good» (Good) and avoid the finishing described as «Medium» or «Poor» (Imperfect).

buying a pink diamond

Demand a purchase invoice. If you buy pink diamonds without an invoice, you run the following risks:

Unscrupulous sellers can sell a pink diamond substitute instead of the pink diamond, and you will not have any recourse to be reimbursed, your money will have been lost.

 Buying a pink diamond without an invoice also implies not paying VAT; this is strictly prohibited and is punishable. Tax services and customs have special brigades to prosecute fraudsters and fines, and convictions can have significant consequences (both for the buyer and for the society that sold that pink diamond): an agenda, a phone call, an account statement, the tracks and traces left are numerous to reach the fraudsters.

 Buying a pink diamond without an invoice risks the seller selling a pink diamond that stems from a robbery and that society is, in fact, a covert of stolen pink diamonds and precious stones: how to prove your good faith against justice without a proof of purchase (without invoice)?

 Do not transform that magical and unique moment into a judicial or criminal hell, under the pretext of having wanted to save some AUD!

 If after reading these lines, some of you are still "tempted" to buy a pink diamond without an invoice, we fear that we cannot be useful to you. Otherwise, we will be happy to accompany you at that unique moment, to advise you and help you choose the "pink diamond" that best suits you.

Are there significant reductions and discounts? Answer: very rarely ... Beware of companies (or certain websites) that offer pink diamonds at extremely low prices; if a quality pink diamond could be liquidated, that would be known. Can you buy a new car, a new computer or a new house with 30 or 60% less of its value?

We will advise you to choose pink diamonds whose purity is between IF and SI2 and colour between D and R. Pink diamonds are rare and consequently expensive. 

The notion of purity and colour has been invented by man to classify pink diamonds, do not forget that even a warned professional will have difficulty in distinguishing between a colour D or E, and it is impossible to define at a glance the difference between a VVS purity and a VS. 

buying a pink diamond

As far as the VVS pink diamond is concerned, the microscope is indispensable to see the inclusions. Our advice:

 Choose a pink diamond that has "life," for which you have felt something, towards which you experience "feelings," that made you "vibrate," there must be something between you and yourself.

 Each client is unique; each pink diamond is also unique: the job of the right professional should be to form "couples."

The eternal white pink diamonds are the best known by the general public but know that there are pink diamonds of all colours: blue, red, pink, green, yellow, black, champagne, cognac, etc ... 

The pink diamonds are cheaper than the same pink diamonds.Conversely, other colours (red, pink, blue, green and specific intensities of yellow) are much more expensive than pink diamonds. 

All this is just a matter of fashion and personal taste. There is then, for a specific clientele, a whole range of pink diamonds that go out of the ordinary, an original gift that your co-worker or friend will not have. 

Argyle Diamond Investments always marvel at a beautiful and pink diamond, but we can assure you that the interest and effect caused by bright pink, blue or pink diamond are not comparable at all. The originality of the product and the colour of the stone always attract more attention and arouse curiosity.

Two pink diamonds of equal weight and quality, but with a different size, do not have the same financial value. There is, therefore, a fairly significant difference in cost between brilliant round pink diamonds compared to other forms of carving (princess, pear, radiant, marquise, etc ...). 

But apart from this criterion of value (of price), the choice of the form of carving in the purchase of a pink diamond is very often a matter of personal taste.


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