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Calculate the price for restoration a roof

The cost of roof restoration is often underestimated . In some cases, this price could even exceed the original price of the roof! To find out and avoid unpleasant surprises, it is essential to know how to calculate the price of roof restoration. Our article will tell you more about the price of restoration a roof per m2. 

Why take the time to estimate the price of restoration a roof?

You should know that each repair work on a roof will have its own price. The cost of restoration a roof will depend on multiple factors:

  1. The type of roof covering
  2. The roofer or renovator contacted
  3. Roof condition

Therefore, it is quite difficult to estimate the exact cost of restoration a roof without requesting a quote from a professional. However, that should not stop you from trying to calculate the cost of restoration a roof.

And for good reason, doing the calculation of the restoration price for a roof yourself will have many interests:

Calculate the price for restoration a roof

Estimate an average price

Since each roof covering has a different cost, the cost of a roof restoration will be impossible to calculate to the nearest penny. Our dedicated page also told you in more detail about the different coverings possible for a roof.

However, it is still possible to calculate a price indication to within a few hundred euros. This will sometimes be essential so that you can prepare the budget necessary for the restoration of a roof ... or simply to decide whether or not it is time to start this work.

It may be interesting to calculate the restoration price of a roof in the case of a real estate purchase , for example to determine whether the purchase of a building to be renovated is interesting or not.

Avoid scams

In all cases, having previously calculated the price for repairing a roof is a good way to avoid scams.
When signing a roof restoration quote, it's best to know the average price you should pay. In this way, you will have no trouble confusing a dishonest roofer, who would try to make you pay the high price .

Calculate the price of restoration a roof

Are you looking to calculate the price of your roofing work yourself? In this case, we will deliver a very simple three-step method to you:

1) Estimate the price of restoration of a roof per m2

The first step will be to roughly determine the cost of repairing your roof per m2. Each craftsman will apply their own roof restoration price, but the price will most often depend on the condition of the roof to be renovated .

As we are forced to work on estimates, we have collected the most common roof restoration prices:

Cost of a light roof restoration: if your roof is in good condition but simply requires a few tiles to change or a roof cleaning, the restoration price will be between 30 and 70 € on average.

Cost of an average roof restoration: if your roof is in poor condition and you have to redo part of the cover, the restoration cost will be between 70 and 100 € on average.

Price of complete roof restoration per m2: for a ruined roof, which must be completely replaced, the restoration cost will be between 100 and 150 € on average.

It must be understood that the price of a complete roof restoration will necessarily be higher than the price of cleaning . If you are facing a roof that needs to be completely changed, expect to pay at least a hundred euros per square meter, or even more.

2) Estimate the area of ​​your roof

Once you have estimated the cost of restoration a roof per square meter, you will need to calculate the total area of ​​your roof.

For this, the easiest way is to rely on the construction plans of your house . If you still have plans or documents relating to the total surface of the house, you will have no trouble locating the total surface of the roof.

In other cases, there is a simple method for calculating the area of ​​a roof . Click on the link to learn more.

3) Calculate the cost of repairing a roof

You now have all the elements in hand to determine the repair price of your roof.

You just need to multiply the cost of restoration a roof per m2 by its total surface : Restoration price of a roof (€) = Restoration cost per m2 (in € / m2) * Surface of the roof (in m2)

For example, a 100 square meter roof to be entirely renovated would cost: 100 or 150 € * 100 m2 = between 10,000 and 15,000 €.

Of course, this is only an estimate. To refine this, do not hesitate to request several roof restoration quotes from local professionals. It's free, and it will help you find the exact restoration price for your roof!

Looking for more advice? We have put together for you the tips to know before restoration a roof. Do not miss them !

Calculate the price for restoration a roof

Some supplies that will help you estimate the price of restoration a roof

To allow you to request precise estimates for the restoration of your roof, it would still be necessary for you to know exactly the surface of your roof. To help you in this direction, we offer below some essential supplies,


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