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Difference between engagement and wedding ring

Difference engagement and wedding ring Many wonder what difference the  engagement ring  and wedding  ring  .  Well, despite their more than reasonable resemblance, it is possible to find several elements that make them unique pieces of each other.  It is important to know the details so as not to make the mistake of choosing the ring that we should not.  For this, follow these tips and differentiate the engagement and wedding ring without any problem. Engagement ring An engagement ring, as its name suggests, is one that is used before the wedding to demonstrate interest in marrying the other person.  This ring is generally placed on the ring finger and the hand varies according to the region of the planet in which we find ourselves.  For the most part, the  engagement ring  is offered by the man and it is the woman who accepts the future engagement. The traditions and customs around this ring vary depending on the country.  Thus, in the United States this practice is

20 cheap engagement rings to avoid ruining your order

Whether you are looking for cheap engagement rings , or more expensive pieces with diamonds, you need to follow some fundamental tips to make the right choice and be able to please the bride with a ring that represents all the love and commitment you want to assume. The first thing you need to do is define the budget you have in mind.  Keep in mind that you will have to reserve a part for the  wedding rings  , since the engagement ring is not the same as the alliances that you will wear throughout the marriage. The second is to find a good jewelry.  In  Leonards Jewellers  you may not find all the ring models that we show you in this article, but many others similar, good prices and top quality crafts. If you do not have the ability to invest too much money, you should choose a low cost engagement ring , but do not be discouraged, there are hundreds of beautiful models on the market to choose from. Another point to consider is whether or not you wear diamonds.  Not all ring

7 trends and innovations in engagement rings for brides 2020.

Romantic and unforgettable.  Surely this will be the memory you have of that special day in which you proposed to your partner.  But ... Before that great step that you are already planning in your mind, you have to choose an important detail: the  engagement ring  . If you are a follower and / or follower of trends (for that matter, we also like to imagine what the ring of our dream would be), or you just need a little help to know what the model will be with get it right, take good note.  These are the  7 trends and innovations in engagement rings that are sweeping this season  according to the experts at  Diamonds-USA  , specialized online jewelry with one of the broadest catalogs and collections in the sector. Diamonds-USA solitaire engagement ring. 1/7.  Solitaire engagement ring. It is  the most traditional model  among engagement rings.  The solitaire returns with all its influence to be in the world top of the trends in 'engagement ring', being one of the


  It has always been said that the  engagement ring  is the most important jewel that is given during our life as a couple.  Because the relationship undergoes an evolution, regardless of whether the wedding is religious or civil. There are numerous studies conducted on women between 17 and 24 years old where they tell how their future engagement ring should be.  In most cases they coincide in the same thing, that is, your  engagement ring  must be a  diamond ring  and must be given by the loved one.  In addition, where all the women interviewed coincide is that they look at the  quality of the diamond  and its size. Given this, the  engagement ring in  addition to being characterized by its incredible originality and beauty, must be made of a  precious metal  at the height of the gem it carries, the most common being  First Law gold and platinum. But many men when they search for the  perfect engagement ring  , tend to have many doubts and the most recurring is to choose what m

Metal roof restoration

What does metal roof restoration consist of? When a ceiling is very deteriorated and has lost its luminosity, aesthetics and hygiene properties, a cleaning, no matter how deep, is not enough to get the ceiling of your company to be like new and therefore it is required a specific treatment that recovers it.  During the restoration of a metal ceiling, suitable resins for this type of ceiling are micro-sprayed that aesthetically equalize the false ceiling and eliminate all the grease, carbon monoxide, nicotines, bacteria and fungi that may have adhered to the ceiling.  The  result is spectacular  and the client is  as if he were re-releasing his roof but for a much lower price than  the one that would mean replacing all the metal plates. A company may need metal roof restoration both if it has not carried out professional roof cleaning for years or if cleaning has been carried out but in an inadequate way, since to preserve the characteristics of the metal roof it is necessary to us

Roof restoration or replacement? 5 things to keep in mind

Does the roof in question look worn?  Has it been leaking?  Is the end of its expected useful life approaching?  Unsure if you can restore or replace it entirely?  Below are five reasons why restoration may be the best option. 1. Restoration costs less A complete roof replacement can be costly in labor and materials, particularly if the existing roof must first be removed.  Depending on the selected ceiling system, the costs average between double or triple the cost of a roof restoration treatment.  Restoration, on the other hand, requires less labor, equipment, execution time, and materials. 2. Restoration extends roof life Commercial ceilings typically last about 20 years - restoration can add 10 to 15 years of additional life. 3. Restoration is more sustainable Millions of tons of roof waste end up in landfills annually.  Because it allows the existing roof to be reused, restoration is a much greener option.  Plus, it can make the building more energy efficient and

Cleaning and roof restoration of ceilings

If you need the   cleaning or roof restoration of the ceilings  of your office, business or home, we have companies that will budget you so that you can compare and decide without any commitment. You can clean and completely  rehabilitate any type of ceiling or false ceiling  as well as all the elements that compose it. It is advisable not to paint the ceilings, but to clean and sanitize them, since otherwise it is covering the problem and in the short term you will have to restore it with the consequent extra cost for having painted first. Ceiling cleaning consists of micro-spraying of the modular ceiling with resins. Cleaning and disinfection of air conditioning lights, emergency lights, detectors, exits and returns. In the services of  roof  restoration and cleaning of false ceilings  , different cleaning and renovation techniques are combined with the different materials and brands of false ceiling plates that exist on the market. Fiber, metal, wood, plaster, vinyl, pvc,