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Ideas And Tips To Bathroom Renovation Without Bricklayers

How To Bathroom Renovation Easily :

Even a manazas can reform a bathroom  of a house completely; wall, tiling, floor and toilets with easy, cheap and simple arrangements, without resorting to faces, and often dirty and slow works, we just need to put a little on our part, a little patience and the handyman we carry inside appears.So this article is aimed at how to change a bathroom easily , for little money and without bricklayers to transform it into a new one.
The walls, the floor, the sanitary ware, the accessories, an entire  small or large bathroom can be completely renovated and fixed by anyone other than a handyman, without resorting to the expensive design and annoying masonry of specialized houses, thanks to cheap and simple tricks that of course, we must follow.We have to see some guidelines and specific tips to find out how to reform a bathroom in a simple way ...
Bathroom Renovation Planning And Design :
This will be one of the main points both to avoid problems in the reform while it is executed, as well as not to waste time or have to spend more money than we had thought.Understanding that we already know what we want, the steps to follow to restructure and Bathroom Renovation the toilet would be:
The Plane :
Before starting to get into the masonry arrangements in the wet areas  , we must first measure the entire room where we are going to practice the reform (Remember to measure the height) and make a small sketch to have a clear perspective of both measurements and shape.The drainage points (Bathtub, bidet and toilet - toilet) and the hot and cold water outlets (Be it for bathtub, sink ... etc) must be indicated on the map.
Bathroom Renovation
How Much Does It Cost To Reform A Bathroom?
Secondly, before starting the work to Bathroom Renovation , we will decide how much money we are going to spend.You have to put a cap, yes or yes! ... (At the end of the article we will see how to calculate the budget of a bathroom easily) but the most unique items are:

  • Sanitary. Basin, toilet and bidet are the main ones where we must also include the bathtub or shower tray
  • Tiled - clad. Whether to cover all the walls or only, for example where the shower tray is located.
  • Pavements All types of ceramic flooring, including slate or smooth concrete, enter here.
  • False ceiling. Depending on the height characteristics and the facilities, it will be advisable or not to include a false ceiling, although as a rule it is advisable.
  • Facilities. This is a sensitive issue depending on whether the locations of the different toilets go to the same site or to another location.
  • Furniture. Here would enter the possible complementary furniture and the different accessories. We could say that this is a complementary game.

Distribution And Design :
We will decide on the design of the toilet we want and its distribution. So look at specialized websites, catalogs, magazines ... etc. And always having a relationship and coherence between the money we have and our final design, so this section goes in conjunction with the previous one.When we practice the  distribution of the toilet or bathroom in a reform we must think that we need a space - activity and movement area that according to the piece will be:

Bathroom Renovation Tiles And Flooring :

Tile or tile work is often attributed as the exclusive work of experienced or professional handymen, however, in reality, with a few tips we can perform satisfactory work ourselves to avoid both waste of time and excess material.We remember that we have three options; we can paint tiles, we can pave and tile on what we already have, or remove the old tiles and change them for new ones:

1.- Paint Tiles :

Of course it is the cheapest option, but reality is what will give us the worst result. There are many paints that have special components for an adequate grip of the paint on the glazed and ceramic surface. An example of before and after painting:The special paint for tiling is applied in the same way as on a normal wall but always bearing in mind that the facing must be very clean and follow the manufacturer's specifications to the letter.
Bathroom Renovation
2.- Cover Tiles Or Pavement With Others :

It is a comfortable option, but we are going to run out of a few centimeters after restoring the bathroom to a new one (Be careful with the pavement in relation to the height of the hallway and the entrance door). As tips on how to cover the tiles step by step with others:

  • We must check that the tiles we have on the wall or floor are well adhered. If we have paint, we must remove it.
  • Depending on the grip material that we are going to use (We will always see the manufacturer's instructions) proceed to "chop" the surface to provide a better grip, although there are currently resins that provide perfect adhesion.
  • We must wash with detergent and water to remove dirt, grease and dust. Rinse well and then let dry.
  • Spread the mortar or gripping adhesive, and we would place the tiles with a little pressure.
  • We would let it dry and then we would make the joints.

Remember that laminate floors are cheaper than ceramic and today they are already suitable for wet areas. We continue to see steps on how to renovate bathroom ...

3.- Remove The Old Tiles And Add New Ones :

When we start to change the bathroom tiles , it is the most recommended option but it is not the cheapest and with a little patience we will have an unbeatable result where we should bear in mind that:Although the following video is not the bomb in terms of visuals, it does explain very interesting and useful concepts from a technical perspective.
  • Before starting tiling or laying the flooring, the surfaces must be straight and clean.
  • First tile or tile. Two perpendicular reference lines are drawn in the center of the ground, check that the lines are square. With the help of crosspieces, lay the tiles dry along these lines.
  • On the floor and walls of an old or even modern bathroom, it is common to find strange shapes and nooks and crannies that we must overcome by cutting the pieces. Save all the pieces until the work is finished, they can be used for other points.

Shower Trays :

Nowadays, manufacturers already provide us with shower trays of multiple materials (porcelain, acrylic, concrete, slate shower trays, steel ... etc), with spectacular designs to practice bathroom reforms, resistant, colored and long lasting and we can even get a custom cut shower tray , which will be more expensive. Remember that it must have non-slip properties.The keys to installing a flat shower tray so that it really looks good and can last us for a long time, are based on three key points:

  • Checks. We must review the measures that we have asked for and if they are correct, verify that there is no damage and, incidentally, check if the water is flowing correctly by placing the shower tray flat and diverting a little water to see if it runs down the drain.
  • Base. Before placing the piece we must make sure that the base is completely flat and completely covered with material - mortar. The dishes are thin and very fragile if they do not have the correct support.
  • The mortar and adhesive material. We should never use glue cement or cement as an adhesive, we will use polyurethane putty (It is like silicone) that will allow a strong grip between the piece and the support. Apart from putting putty on what is the surface of the plate remember to add it also around the perimeter of the edge so we will prevent the passage of units.

Types Of Partitions :

There are mainly two types for the home, which are glass partitions (Anti-breakage) and they are available in a lot of finishes; transparent, translucent, engraved or decorated.And the acrylic partitions that are a little cheaper than the glass ones and in which the water stains are not really noticeable, also if we are going to buy an acrylic partition, we must remember that the profiles must be treated with anti-corrosion characteristics. .


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