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Electrical connections: Everything you need to know

Most consumers are unaware of part of the process by which a light turns on when a switch is flipped. Although it is not always necessary to know the whole process, it is also not necessary to have this information to understand the work of technicians and professionals related to electrical energy, especially when the light is registered.

One of the necessary jobs in these cases is to make an electrical connection, something essential for electricity to reach a home or business premises. Here you will find all the information related to this work, such as what the light connection is and what it is for.

electrical connections

What is an electrical connection?

The electrical connection is defined as work in part of the electrical installation where a connection point is generated between the distribution networks and the final consumer's supply installation. To make it easier to understand, through the electricity connection the electrical energy is delivered from the distribution network to a home or business premises. It could be said that it is the necessary connection for the electrical supply to reach the user.

The distribution companies are in charge of carrying out the electrical connection in the home to bring electricity to consumers. This means that the user cannot choose the distributor, it will be the one that operates in that particular area of the country, but he could outsource the work through the marketer if the budget offered by the distributor does not convince.

How are these rush of light produced?

Having defined what a rush is, it is time to explain how they are produced and what is the process to carry them out. Connections are classified in different ways depending on their typology and the needs of the connection, such as the type of voltage or its shape.

Depending on the voltage, the connection will be different if it is a low voltage installation, between 127V and 550V, or if it is a medium voltage installation, from 5kV to 40kV. Depending on the type of connection, an aerial connection may be made when the supply cables are introduced through the upper part of the building or construction, or an underground connection to bring the cables to the interior of the construction below it, from a register underground of the distribution network.

In any case, any type of connection will have to have the appropriate components to carry out the installation, both on the supply side and on the user side. From the supply side, a power point, conductors, ducts, general connection panel, cabinet and external grounding are required. This is the most complicated installation process, since on the user side only a general switch and internal grounding are required.

How much does it cost to make a rush?

It is not possible to define a general price to make an electrical connection. The total cost will depend on many factors, starting with the type of home, the distance between the home and the distribution network, the work required to carry out the connection, etc.

electrical installations

What you can handle in advance will be the estimated budget by the distribution company, where all these parameters will have already been taken into account. In addition, in case of not agreeing with said budget, the user will have the possibility of contracting the connection service on their own, or dealing with the marketer, although ultimately the distributor will always have to verify the work before it is perform.

How to make an electrical connection in your home or building?

To carry out an electricity connection, the first step is to contact the distributor in the area to exchange all the information regarding the new supply point. Knowing which distributor operates in the area is something that can be done in different ways, such as going to the Town Hall or any Administration center. You can also obtain this information by asking your neighbors, calling the marketers, or contacting the distributors themselves, so there are multiple options that facilitate the process.

The distributor will inform you adequately of the entire process, and will take the data to offer you a personalized budget for you and for the needs of your home or business premises. The budget will be available in an approximate period of 20 days, and the user will have time to study it and assess it. If accepted, the order is given and the electrical connection is made at the specific supply point, after which the documentation and the CUPS code of said supply point are delivered to the user. In case of not accepting, then the user will have to find an alternative way to carry out the connection of the light.

Contact Powered Electrical and Data if you need more assistance on having electrical connections at your home.


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