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Tips and tricks for creating labels for glass bottles

The label of a bottle of wine is the most important detail of its presentation. All efforts invested in achieving perfection during the manufacturing process go overboard if this great little aspect of the packaging does not live up to the content. Do you want to know everything that needs to be taken into account when designing a wine label? So pay attention to the valuable advice that Wine Design gives us.

wine label design

The importance of wine labels

Whatever they say: the public does buy a book for its cover. And therefore, judge a wine by its packaging. A label has to attract attention, provoke curiosity and communicate a series of messages. In addition to changing the consumer's search criteria in your favor. It can be said then that the design of the containers and labels is as important as the manufacturer.

Designing wine packaging may not be the first career choice for young creators, but it is a fascinating, satisfying and increasingly important job in the wine industry. Many specialists consider this field as one of the most challenging and emotional in this discipline.

Here are some of its secrets.

What it takes to design perfect labels

As a starting point, the ideal is to have a good training in Design or Fine Arts. A university degree or similar is usually required. It is vital to understand the basic principles of design and professional use of typography. As well as understanding disciplines such as printing and the packaging process.

What distinguishes successful and award-winning wine label authors is their ability to tell the brand's story through packaging. And, of course, connect with the consumer.

Because it is not just about creating an aesthetic concept. But to express the personality of the winery, that of those who shape the wine and, of course, the style and quality of the product. Therefore, a powerful design accompanied by a great ability to illustrate is crucial. And also, knowing how to create great concepts.

Patience, perseverance and creativity. They are the three essential tools to dedicate yourself to this specialty.

Know about wine

It helps (and a lot) to have a solid wine culture to stand out in the world. This includes understanding the technical language of the industry and how the market works. The higher this knowledge, the better.

It is about transmitting credibility through the bottles that best represent a region or varietal. On the other hand, identifying the competition well will prevent one from gaining designs that are too similar to an existing one. Differentiation is key.

And not only this. Legal knowledge never hurts. Because wine is one of the few products that has global regulation.

And let's not forget about another aspect of this sector: production. How the bottling lines work, the way in which the labeling is carried out, the most suitable art for effective printing, paper specifications for dry or humid regions, the closure systems ... and much more.

A label that sells

What do we mean when we talk about successful wine labels? These are memorable, distinctive works capable of withstanding the passage of time without the need to incorporate a single change.

Wineries demand labels that communicate the fundamentals of the brand, the region and the style of the content. But, in addition, it must provoke an emotional reaction in the consumer. Make you want that wine.

Knowing exactly who the target audience is a fundamental way to configure a product that seems specially made for them. It is not just about standing out for having the most striking and unusual design on the shelf.

There are specialists who think that wine, being a luxury product, has to communicate its quality and exclusivity through packaging. Although the messages about its premium character are not only what increases sales. Wine labels must give the brand an attractive and distinctive presence, with such a strong personality that the consumer is tempted to pick up the bottle.

The labels selected this time are good examples of everything we have told here. And we could still talk about the importance of storytelling. Discover bottles that tell their own stories!


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