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6 tips for maintaining your motorcycle

Correct maintenance of your motorcycle is the best way to take care of it and to try to avoid serious breakdowns. From Singleton Bike Shop we want to share with you some simple tips that will make your bike work properly. When everything works the way it should, each component prolongs its useful life. You will also avoid unpleasant surprises on your travels.

# 1 Cleaning the motorcycle is essential

Cleaning the motorcycle allows us to see each of the components and make sure that each part works correctly. A clean bike is a safer bike, you can see if the brake pads are okay, if the chain needs some adjustment and check the oil level. Engine cleanliness is also essential. There are many specific products to make this task easier. Do not hesitate to consult with our technicians when you pass by, or you can also reach them on their Facebook page at Singleton Bike Shop.

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# 2 Motorcycle chain: lubrication and adjustment

Don't forget to grease the chain after cleaning thoroughly. The cleaning products that have been used will have washed away the grease from the chain, leaving it unprotected against corrosion. It is important that your re-grease it to give flexibility to the transmission system. This will minimize jerks when shifting gears and reduce friction between the parts.

The chain transmits the engine power to the wheels. Wearing the chain slack can cause it to come off the sprocket and if it is too tight it can break. We have said this on several occasions, but the opinion of professionals is essential.

# 3 Check the oil level of the motorcycle

Oil fulfills essential functions in the engine: it cools, cleans and protects. While changing it is a simple task, it is even more so to control its level and make sure that you do not leave your motorcycle without oil. Not carrying the oil in proper condition can be expensive as it can cause major breakdowns. Check the level periodically and follow the manufacturer's instructions. You should also change the oil filter every time you change the lubricant to ensure that circulation is not reduced by a clogged filter.

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# 4 Disassemble and clean the motorcycle's brake calipers

Brakes are continually in use and collect both pad dust and road debris. Never touch the brake discs with dirty hands, especially if they are oily or greasy. There are specific products to ensure proper cleaning of the brakes, you can dry them with pressurized air and go over the area with paper. Don't forget to check the brake fluid level! As the brake pads wear, more fluid will be needed to compensate for this wear. Being in control of your stopping distance is essential when driving. A professional should perform a periodic check of the brakes to make sure you are in control of your bike.

# 5 Check the tire pressure of the motorcycle

Wearing the tires with the correct pressure will prolong their useful life and allow you’re driving to be safer. If the pressure is not enough, the motorcycle will appear heavy and the tire will overheat as the contact area with the road increases. On the other hand, if the pressure is excessive, the adherence to the road is reduced by reducing the footprint and also. excessive wear of the center band will occur. Do not forget to check the balance to ensure optimal wear of the tire surface. Correct maintenance will prolong the useful life of the tires.

# 6 Motorcycle air filter

Preventing the air that enters the interior of the cylinders from being dirty is the main task of the air filter. If the filter is clogged, it will prevent all the fuel from burning and your motorcycle will lose power. Each component is of fundamental importance in the correct operation of the engine. The air filter must always be clean to optimize the air- fuel ratio. We share with you more information about the air filter.

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Watching your riding style and keeping the bike in perfect condition are the two golden tips that encompass the 6 key points mentioned. A well-functioning motorcycle is always more efficient at all levels. Don't forget that you can stop by to see us at our workshops in Singleton, without an appointment. Singleton Bike Shop is at your disposal!


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