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Benefits of Roof Painting

A roof in good condition is a reflection of a safe and secure home. A neglected roof, on the other hand, is not only an unpleasant feature, but also a sign that you might have problems in your home in the future, if not already. It is also a sign that you need to be prepared for additional expenses for the maintenance of the house. Here is an attempt to better understand roof painting and its importance.

Roof paint - overview

Roof paint can be best explained as a liquid coating applied to roofs. This fluid acts as a membrane layer which provides the roof with greater protection and security, and also gives it new life. Roof paint serves in two main ways: It is an important step in exterior and interior maintenance, and it also adds aesthetic value to the structure.

roof painting services

While it may seem simplistic, the roof painting process has several components and steps. No wonder, given that roof paint is just the end product that goes on your roofs. Analyzing the roof and its condition, cleaning, repairing, priming and painting are some of the elements that go into a complete roof renovation. When running on newer structures, a good quality roof paint can help keep the structure well protected and in good condition for longer.

Types of roof paint

There are several types of roof paint today. Your consultant will be able to advise you as best as possible, depending on the type of roof, as well as the nature of the exposure and the climate concerned.

  • Waterproof roof paint for masonry: This type of exterior paint uses a mixture of latex and ceramic. It is one of the most widely used roofing solutions in the world. It is almost universal in its applicability and tends to quickly absorb solutions, including water and chemicals. This paint not only waterproofs roofs but also bricks, stones and concrete, making it very versatile. What is perhaps most valuable today being that this paint is environmentally friendly. The use of this paint will allow complete safety against water, as well as protection against the growth of fungi on the roof.
  • Waterproof epoxy paint: this exterior roofing paint has a greater waterproofing capacity because it is made of epoxy resins. It is ideal for roofs subject to higher levels of humidity and water penetration. Since the paint is thicker than other roof paints, it's a more suitable and sturdy option.
  • Waterproof Acrylic Paint - The distinctive character of this waterproof roof paint makes it an excellent choice. It is among the most durable and effective patio and roof paints, providing protection against water at all pH levels. Its elasticity allows contraction, thus expelling water from its surface. Other features that make it a great choice include its quick-drying nature and adaptability to spray, brush and roller application. The fact that it is odorless and dries quickly are additional benefits.

roof painting benefits

Steps to paint the roof

Roof paint is the last application on your roof. It simply seals all other layers and provides a final finish to the roof or deck. It is important to take certain steps when servicing your roof to make sure you have a long term solution for your home.

  • Cleaning - Assuming a full inspection has been performed to assess the condition of the roof, cleaning is the first of several tasks to be performed. This step is to purge the roof of any dirt and debris, moss and other growths that may have developed. This step is essential to ensure a smooth and easy application of roof paint and other products. A thorough cleaning can also help determine the presence of cracks or other issues before painting the exterior.
  • Repair: At this point, roof cracks, broken edges and other issues are resolved. All metal components present are carefully checked for weathering, oxidation or the presence of moisture. At this point, it is ideal to use a fungicide to strengthen the paint on the roof. Repair of formwork, a critical step because it is almost impossible to undo things after the roof paint is applied.
  • Painting: The surface is finally ready for a new coat of roof paint. While your advisor will advise you on the best option, a weather-resistant roof paint can help protect your roof and patio for much longer. However, the material and finish of the roof will determine the ideal type of paint.

Advantages of roof painting

Painting your roof does more than just add finish and beauty to the structure. Besides protection, paints for exterior roofs are of great value. Here's what a painting does to your home and your life:

  • Reduces Energy Costs - A well-executed exterior paint job can reduce energy costs. With the additional insulation you will notice a higher level of natural climate control. The reduced need for air conditioning and heating can be one of the greatest gifts your roof painting can give you.
  • Protect - Roof paint not only protects your home, but also your life. Waterproof roof paint can help reduce the growth of algae and fungus and decrease the presence of allergens resulting from moisture and water. The air and walls in your home will surely be drier and cleaner.
  • Attractiveness: The aesthetic value of your home is sure to increase when protected with a quality exterior roof paint. It's not only great as long as you live in your home, but also when looking to negotiate a price.
Considering roof painting for your home or office is a serious decision. Roof painting can help improve your appearance, well-being, and the environment. Fussy Roof Restorations provides roof painting services that can add life to your home and really spice up your home. Get in touch with them today or visit them on Facebook.


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