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Advantages of battery energy storage systems

Battery energy storage systems can play an important role in the future of a more efficient and environmentally friendly electrical grid. Connected to the grid, interconnected battery storage systems could solve many of the energy challenges faced by producers, suppliers and customers.

We discuss the benefits of battery energy storage systems and the important role they could play in driving a long-term clean and green energy revolution.

energy storage systems

Renewable revolution

Australia has undergone a rapid transition to renewable energy. In the third quarter of 2020, most of our technologies use in farms like wind farms, solar panels, hydroelectric plants and biomass plants, will produced more energy than oil, coal and gas power plants. The biggest challenge renewable energy producers face is that unless electricity generated by biomass, water, wind and solar power systems is not fed directly to the grid or used immediately, it is wasted.

Capturing this excess energy for use can be a fundamental challenge that requires innovation in energy storage. Battery energy storage systems are offering those who produce renewable energy, or those who want to store energy efficiently, the opportunity to capture this electricity in a battery network.

A network of high-density lithium-ion batteries connected to each other can safely store electrical energy with a high level of efficiency, which means that most of the energy produced is safely stored. They can also be expanded, with additional capacity added when needed. This development offers incredible benefits for producers, people and the planet.

Network integration

Electricity generated from renewable sources is fed directly into the grid that customers access. But the demand for the network fluctuates, with peaks and valleys. Today, battery storage systems offer a realistic and affordable solution for medium-sized renewable energy producers to capture the energy produced. Linked to the National Network, this allows participation in demand response programs, using this stored energy to generate the highest return.

We integrate all of our battery storage systems with National Grid. Every system we install comes with a smart inverter that is powered from the grid or delivered when needed. You can automatically maximize your earnings as part of the smart grid.

battery storage systems

When it comes to electricity, safety is crucial, which is why our team installs and configures the import / export controller and the G99 converter that ensures safe operation and protects you from overloads.


Battery-powered energy storage systems are not just an attractive option for renewable energy producers; They are also increasingly being adopted by forward-thinking companies. Battery storage systems can be used to store purchased energy during off-peak hours. It can be turned on to distribute power when rates are at their highest, reducing energy bills. Avoiding "red fees" once the prices are on its highest can save small or large businesses on a significant amount.

Battery storage systems can also be configured to function as an uninterruptible power supply, providing a welcome insurance policy for businesses. In the event of a power outage, interruption, or grid outage, battery energy storage systems can intervene. While there is a limit to the power a battery storage system can hold, it can deliver the power needed to safely back up and shut down critical systems.

Flexible and scalable solution

A network that works with renewable energies must be flexible. It's a challenge in need of a solution, with Australia's oldest and most inefficient fossil fuel and nuclear power plants scheduled for decommissioning in 2025. Along with growing public awareness of environmental challenges, the need for energy storage solutions effective is increasingly urgent. day.

Renewable energy producers want to ensure that the valuable energy produced is not wasted. In addition to reducing waste and saving money, investing in a storage system can provide an upgrade on your green credentials, demonstrating your commitment to clean and green energy. Battery power systems are a rare example that the green option is the best option.

industrial battery systems

At Jpac Batteries, we can design, install, configure and manage industrial energy storage systems suitable for producers and users. In addition to addressing technical considerations, we can help build a business case for storage that delivers performance and benefits.

Our completely free site evaluations dig into the details. Together, we look at your power production capacity, your existing systems, and potential cost reductions and returns.

Whether you're a renewable energy producer or looking for an energy storage system to manage costs, by matching supply with demand, energy storage in batteries can reduce resources, lower costs and protect our planet.

Contact Jpac batteries today and find out how they can help you integrate energy storage into your business.


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