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How much does it cost to tile the bathroom? Aspects to consider

Trying to figure out the price to tile a bathroom? In this article we reveal doubts about the prices, materials and labor necessary to carry out the tiling of the bathroom. In this way, it will be easier to calculate a cost for any work that we need to do.

bathroom tiling

When it comes to doing a small bathroom renovation or a complete renovation, the tiling of this is the first thing that comes to mind. This is usually the most efficient way to give our bathroom a new look without blowing up the budget too much. Contact Newcastle tiling professionals to request for a quote.

Variables that define the price of tiling a bathroom

The main costs associated with tiling the bathroom are as follows.

  • Ceramic type
  • Workforce
  • Additional work such as changing toilets, plumbing or others.
  • Debris removal, which will depend on the size of the bathroom to be renovated.

Depending on the choice, the price of tiling the bathroom will increase more or less.

1. Ceramic: the price of tiling a bathroom will change depending on the material

Using ceramic to cover the walls and floors of the bathroom is a great idea as they are easy to maintain, especially if they are of low absorbency. In addition, in such a humid area of the house this material will facilitate their care as long as they are installed correctly.

The price of ceramic will vary depending on the size of the tile and the material chosen. So the larger the tile, the more expensive as a general rule. 

tiling the bathroom cost

In the market we find different materials for the bathroom such as ceramic stoneware, porcelain stoneware, granite, marble, etc. Each one has different characteristics, appearance and price that we will have to weigh when choosing the material for our reform.


This material is characterized by its wide variety of styles, its hardness, durability and easy maintenance. However, the porcelain stoneware installation   is somewhat more complicated and heavy, which makes installation difficult.

Ceramic stoneware

Ceramic stoneware is cheaper and also has a variety of styles to choose from. It needs little maintenance and has a good durability. As you hit, it must be sealed otherwise it comes standard and can be cold and hard for our bare feet.


As for marble, it usually has an intermediate price between porcelain and ceramic. It is a good choice to keep the floor warm, it is easy to clean and it increases the value of the home. But, as disadvantages, it is easier to scratch, more prone to slip and can be cold.

bathroom tiling services


As the last material to highlight, granite usually has the highest cost of all, but it has a very high durability. It also increases the value of the home and is scratch resistant. In return, it must be installed by a professional, it needs sealing, it is very heavy and its cleaning is delicate.


The price of the adhesive and joint adhesive to be used must also be taken into account, which will depend on the material chosen. Obviously, the total price here will also depend on the surface of the bathroom to be tiled.

2. Labor

The price of tiling a bathroom will also be influenced by the cost of labor. Depending on the location of the bathroom and the greater or lesser number of intermediaries, the cost per day or square meter will be affected.

Of course, the size of the bathroom and the difficulty of getting around it also play a role. The higher this, the more planning and organization time will be required for the placement of the ceramic, the number of cuts to the ceramic required, applying the adhesive, filling the joints and cleaning the bathroom.

This price can be contained if we resort to doing some tasks by ourselves such as cleaning or removing debris. 

bathroom tiling cost

In addition, it must be taken into account that preparing the wall or grinding existing ceramic will increase the cost of labor.

3. Additional work

Finally, we must not forget that the price of tiling a bathroom will increase as we add jobs to the tiling. For example, changing a bathtub for a shower head or vice versa, or doing some plumbing or electrical work such as changing a socket or adding a new one.


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