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Cleaning and roof restoration of ceilings

If you need the   cleaning or roof restoration of the ceilings  of your office, business or home, we have companies that will budget you so that you can compare and decide without any commitment. You can clean and completely  rehabilitate any type of ceiling or false ceiling  as well as all the elements that compose it. It is advisable not to paint the ceilings, but to clean and sanitize them, since otherwise it is covering the problem and in the short term you will have to restore it with the consequent extra cost for having painted first. Ceiling cleaning consists of micro-spraying of the modular ceiling with resins. Cleaning and disinfection of air conditioning lights, emergency lights, detectors, exits and returns. In the services of  roof  restoration and cleaning of false ceilings  , different cleaning and renovation techniques are combined with the different materials and brands of false ceiling plates that exist on the market. Fiber, metal, wood, plaster, vinyl, pvc,