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Engagement Ring or Diamond Wedding bands to ask for Marriage?

Many men, when purchasing their engagement ring, do not know whether to bet on an engagement solitaire or a diamond ring. And it is that they are two of the most demanded models for this type of occasion. From Leonards Jewellers we want to help you decide which of the two types of engagement ring can best fit you. And it is that both have multiple and different advantages that can help you in the final decision. Engagement solitaire or diamond wedding band? At Leonards Jewellers we are specialists in the design and production of both engagement solitaires and diamond alliances. Two very different types of rings in which we have specialized since our inception. During all these years we have created different designs that adapt to all kinds of styles, tastes and pockets, at the same time that we have been perfecting our creations to that they have, above all, 4 essential characteristics: that they are made with 18kt gold, that they contain high-quality diamonds, that their desi