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Metal roof restoration

What does metal roof restoration consist of? When a ceiling is very deteriorated and has lost its luminosity, aesthetics and hygiene properties, a cleaning, no matter how deep, is not enough to get the ceiling of your company to be like new and therefore it is required a specific treatment that recovers it.  During the restoration of a metal ceiling, suitable resins for this type of ceiling are micro-sprayed that aesthetically equalize the false ceiling and eliminate all the grease, carbon monoxide, nicotines, bacteria and fungi that may have adhered to the ceiling.  The  result is spectacular  and the client is  as if he were re-releasing his roof but for a much lower price than  the one that would mean replacing all the metal plates. A company may need metal roof restoration both if it has not carried out professional roof cleaning for years or if cleaning has been carried out but in an inadequate way, since to preserve the characteristics of the metal roof it is necessary to us

Roof restoration or replacement? 5 things to keep in mind

Does the roof in question look worn?  Has it been leaking?  Is the end of its expected useful life approaching?  Unsure if you can restore or replace it entirely?  Below are five reasons why restoration may be the best option. 1. Restoration costs less A complete roof replacement can be costly in labor and materials, particularly if the existing roof must first be removed.  Depending on the selected ceiling system, the costs average between double or triple the cost of a roof restoration treatment.  Restoration, on the other hand, requires less labor, equipment, execution time, and materials. 2. Restoration extends roof life Commercial ceilings typically last about 20 years - restoration can add 10 to 15 years of additional life. 3. Restoration is more sustainable Millions of tons of roof waste end up in landfills annually.  Because it allows the existing roof to be reused, restoration is a much greener option.  Plus, it can make the building more energy efficient and